Utility Coordination Tools

This website is for sharing information and current processes relating to the WisDOT utility coordination program.

Items on this page are for WisDOT and consultant utility coordinators.

Utility coordination forms - Frequently used WisDOT forms

Land Rights Interpretation for WisDOT

  • Job Aid - Legal Description - Utility Coordination - Instructions on how to use the legal description template created for utility coordination. To obtain a copy of the template, contact your region utility coordination team.
  • Job Aid - The Prescriptive Rights Law - This job aid contains the many different version of the prescriptive rights by adverse user statute in Wisconsin.
  • Job Aid - Prescriptive Rights Calculator (PRC) - This job aid is used by the Region Utility Representative (RUR) that determines if WisDOT will recognize when a utility company has obtained a land right via prescriptive rights by adverse user. It provides detailed instructions for PRC spreadsheet.
  • Prescriptive Rights Calculator (PRC) - This calculates whether a prescriptive right exists based on information entered by the user.
  • Plat Review Checklist for Utilities - This checklist was created for utility coordinators (WisDOT and consultant staff) to use or at minimum, refer to during the review of the right of way plats. It was designed to help them know what questions to be asking; and where to go for answers.

Utility Coordination Flowcharts

PS&E and Let - Utility Coordination Related Documents

  • Let Review Standards (LRS) Job Aid - The purpose is to document what is reviewed during the let review process by the Bureau of Technical Services (BTS) Utility Unit. It also standardizes the let review process, so individuals submitting utility related documents for PS&E are receiving the same review comments from central office. It’s also a historical document to track how unique situations were handled in the past. It is advised that any WisDOT or local program agency individual preparing the utilities article of the special provisions, the DT1080 – Utilities Status Report (USR) and the General Notes page of the plan refer to this document during that process. Not all situations are included, and questions can be submitted to dotdtsdcoutilitycoordination@dot.wi.gov.
  • Statewide Summary of Utility Conflict Reports - The statewide summary contains conflict reports that document all utility issues on a highway improvement project, this includes the sanitary sewer and water work that was part of the highway contract. It includes conflict reports for state trunk highway, connecting highway and local program projects. The date range for the conflict reports within the statewide summary is found at the top of the document.

Invoices and Change Orders

Utility delegation table

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The following guidance applies to utility agreements that were approved on or after November 10, 2022.

The following guidance applies to utility agreements that were approved on or after January 15, 2016 and before November 10, 2022.