Supplemental generator signs


Guide signing can be divided into two basic categories: primary and supplemental. Primary signing includes standard interchange and intersection signing, distance signs, as well as regulatory, warning, and route marker signs. Supplemental signing is used to provide drivers with information regarding special points of interest that attract large numbers of people, are accessible from an interchange or intersection and are not places usually shown on primary guide signing. Availability is dependent upon the location and placement of primary signing to ensure minimum spacing requirements are met.

​Type I


​Type II (left)


​Type II (right)



  • On highway right of way
  • At approach to interchange or intersection and along interchange off-ramps


  • Varies by name of facility and highway type


  • Various categories of eligibility

Fabrication, installation and maintenance

  • WisDOT

Paid for by

  • Requesting facility

Relevant law, code, manual


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Contact the WisDOT Region Traffic Signing Contact.