Community wayfinding signs


Community wayfinding signs direct motorists to municipal area destinations such as Downtown or Historic Districts, individual destinations such as City Hall, Convention Centers and local parks, or non-profit facilities that are open to the public, such as a local museum or ice center.


  • On highway right of way
  • In readily apparent urban developed areas
  • On conventional highways only


  • 35 MPH or greater: 60" max width
  • 30 MPH or less: 48" max width


  • Publicly owned or leased and operated facilities or privately owned non-profit facilities open to public (See TEOpS 2-15-6

Fabrication, installation, and maintenance Municipality

  • Paid for by Municipality

Relevant law, code, manual


General criteria

  • The community must develop and submit a Master Plan to WisDOT for approval. (See TEOpS 2-15-6)
  • Destinations or attractions must be of general interest to the traveling public and shall not be a retail, business or manufacturing center.
  • The individual destinations shall be publicly leased or owned and operated facilities for public use or privately owned non-profit facilities open to the public.
  • Advertising for a commercial product or service shall not be displayed.

For more information

Contact the WisDOT Region Traffic Signing Contact.