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A municipal welcome sign is an official sign installed and maintained by a municipality that informs motorists of a municipality's territorial boundary. Municipal welcome signs are not outdoor advertising signs or traffic control devices. A municipality may be a town, village, city or county. It does not include an unincorporated community.


  • On the state highway right of way
    • As close to the right of way line as possible
    • Out of the clear zone
  • May not be placed on Interstate right of way


  • No limitations


  • May include logos, graphics and/or taglines (slogans)
  • May not contain:
    • Commercial messages, business names or sponsorships
    • Other official or service club signs
    • Electronic message boards
    • Static message boards
    • Auxiliary placards
    • Memorials 

Fabrication, installation, maintenance, and relocation

  • Paid for by the municipality (applicant)

Relevant law and policy


  • Form DT1812, Application/permit to work on highway right of way
    • Include detailed drawing of the proposed sign along with location diagram
    • Additional information for work on highway right of way permits, see webpage
  • Application Fee: None

Questions regarding specific municipal welcome sign installations

Other Requirements

  • Application must be filled-out and signed by an elected official or authorized employee of the municipality
  • Municipality must be self-insured or carry sufficient insurance for the sign
  • Only one municipal welcome sign is allowed per each state highway direction that crosses a municipal boundary - even if the highway crosses a boundary more than once
  • The municipal welcome sign* must:
    • Be installed to inform motorists of the territorial boundary of the municipality
    • Be located within the territorial boundary of the municipality
    • Be located entirely on state highway right of way (includes overhang)
    • Be installed and maintained by a municipality
    • Not constitute a safety hazard (i.e., located out of the clear zone)
    • Not obstruct, conflict or interfere with official traffic control signs and devices
    • Not obstruct or interfere with the vision of motorists navigating any intersection, which includes all driveways

* Including any applicable landscaping

    Questions regarding WisDOT policy or this webpage

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