Name change

​Driver license or identification card

Your legal name must appear on your driver license or identification (ID) card. If you change your name, the following process is used to obtain a replacement driver license or ID card with your new, legal name:

Certificate of title

Changing your name on your driver license or ID card changes your name on DMV’s base record for you. It is not mandatory that you obtain a corrected title, confirmation of ownership* or registration documents with your new name. When DMV issues a subsequent title, confirmation of ownership or registration to you, it will reflect your new name. 

If you want title, confirmation of ownership or registration document to reflect your new name before renewal, you will need to mail in or bring in your current title or confirmation of ownership. If only the customer name has changed, the fee is $5 per vehicle at a DMV customer service center, or no charge by mail.

Note: State law requires DMV to deliver title to the lien holder (lender). Vehicle owners will receive a confirmation of ownership document in place of the title that is sent to the lien holder (lender).

If you have a lien on your vehicle, check Lien look up and contact the lien holder to obtain the title.

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