Autocycle License Plate


An autocycle is a motor vehicle that:

  • has three wheels
  • is designed with seating that does not require operators or any occupants to straddle or sit astride it
  • has a steering wheel
  • is originally manufactured to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) for motorcycles under 49 CFR part 571

Driver license required

The operator of an autocycle must have a valid regular or probationary driver license and follow all traffic laws.

Title and registration

For operation on public roads, an autocycle must be titled and registered through the DMV.

  • The annual registration fee is $45, with expiration on April 30th each year. (See pro-rated fee chart on form MV16, Wisconsin Autocycle Title/License Plate Application).
  • In addition to the annual autocycle (ACY) registration fee, an annual wheel tax applies when purchasing or renewing license plates if the vehicle is kept in a municipality or county that requires a wheel tax. Please visit for a complete list of wheel taxes.
  • The registered owner may transfer the plate to another autocycle when the vehicle is sold.

To receive autocycle title and registration, you must either apply online using eMV Public (if eligible) or mail a completed MV16 application form with title and registration and fees to the DMV address on the form. Local DMV customer service centers cannot provide title and registration services for these vehicles.

To apply online using eMV Public:

Visit Title and receive license plate (registration) for your vehicle. Select How to apply online for title/registration (private sale with Wisconsin title) and follow the instructions.

Only transfers with a Wisconsin title are eligible for online service (eMV Public). Other restrictions apply. Please review the restrictions before using this service.

If applying online for a new license plate, you will obtain a temporary plate .pdf upon completion of online payment.

To apply by mail, send:

  1. The original Certificate of Title or Manufacturer Certificate (or Statement) of Origin signed by the previous owner or (out-of-state) dealer.
  2. Completed and signed Wisconsin Autocycle Title and License Plate Application MV16. Keep a copy of the completed form for your records.
  3. Registration fee. (See pro-rated fee chart on form MV16).
  4. $164.50. There is no title transfer fee for surviving spouse or registered domestic partners.
  5. Wheel tax ​(if applicable)
  6. State sales tax (if applicable)
  7. Local sales tax (if applicable)
  8. Check or money order made payable to Registration Fee Trust
  9. Mail the application and fee to:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 7949
Madison, WI 53709-7949

If you do not have a plate to transfer and need a temporary license plate, please see the temporary license plate information below before deciding to mail your application.

Temporary license plate

Autocycles are subject to Wisconsin’s mandatory display law, which means you are required to display a valid permanent or temporary license plate to drive the vehicle.

If you apply online using eMV Public, you will obtain a temporary plate upon completion of online payment. If you do not apply online, you may obtain a temporary license plate by submitting the complete application and fees to a temporary license plate agent. The agent will forward your application and fees to Wisconsin DMV for final processing. Please visit Temporary license plate agents for a list of participating agents and their contact information.

Wisconsin licensed motor vehicle dealer sales:

If you purchase an autocycle from a Wisconsin licensed dealer, your dealer will submit the dealer version of the Wisconsin Autocycle Title and License Plate application and all required fees and documentation. If you do not have a valid autocycle plate to transfer, the dealer will provide you a temporary plate.

Email Wisconsin DMV email service​