MV1 Online Application

The MV1 Application​ ​will help you complete a title and/or license plate application for your vehicle. Answer a series of questions to generate the MV1 Wisconsin Title and License Plate Application with estimated fees. You will be able to save and print the application to submit to DMV with other required documentation, forms, and fees. 

You can use the guide to complete an application for:

  • Title and registration in your name
  • Title only (no registration) in your name
  • Eligible plate transfer for a vehicle already titled in your name
  • New license plates for a vehicle already titled in your name

Most plate and registration types, including special donation plates, are available using this guide.  Please see below for restrictions.

The guide can be used for transfer of a new vehicle or used vehicles with either a Wisconsin or out-of-state title.

​Other online options

If you are eligible, you may apply online for these services:

  • Title and regi​ster an eligible vehicle in your name with eMV Public​. The vehicle must have a current Wisconsin title. You will receive a temporary plate if needed for your vehicle type.
  • ​Title a vehicle (non operation) with eMV Public – No Operation. This is available if you have not driven the vehicle and no new or transfer license plates are needed. You will not be able to legally operate the vehicle on Wisconsin roads.
  • Transfer license plates that already are in your name to a different vehicle. There is no fee for this service.
  • Order new license plates for an eligible ​vehicle already titled in your name. You will receive a temporary plate if needed for your vehicle type.

Do you want to begin using the guide?

MV1 Application​

Information needed to complete an application using the guide

To complete an application using this guide, you will need:

  • The name, address, date of birth, and optional personal and contact information for any individual owner, co-owner, or lessee
  • The name, address, and optional FEIN and contact information of any non-individual owner, co-owner, or lessee
  • The name, address, and optional secured party number and contact information of any lien holder (lender) from whom you borrowed money to purchase the vehicle
    • Contact your lien holder for their secured party number
  • The year, make, and vehicle identification number ​(VIN) ​of the vehicle
    • For most vehicles, the guide will be able to determine information using the VIN that will help you with license plate options
  • The plate number of any plate you wish to transfer
  • A printer
    • If you do not have a printer, you will be able to save the application to print later 

Fee estimator

If you have not yet purchased a vehicle or don't have information for a specific vehicle, you can still use the guide to help you understand your options and estimate fees. When asked for the VIN, enter “MV1TEST" and select the year, make, and vehicle style on the next page. The guide will offer license plate options based on the vehicle style. You may complete the guide to review fees and other applications details. Please do not submit MV1TEST applications to DMV. 

What to submit with your application

Send to: WI Dept. of Transportation
               P.O. Box 7949
               Madison WI 53707-​7949

Restrictions for using the guide

You will not be able to use this guide to:   

  • Change plate type or registration details (such as weight or registration type) for a vehicle already registered in your name
  • Apply for title or registration for a low speed vehicle​
  • Apply for title or registration for an autocycle
  • Apply for bus license plates
  • Apply for driver education (DEV) registration
  • Apply for registration for a vehicle that is for hire
  • Apply for personalized plates
  • Apply for disabled plates or special plates that require proof of eligibility
  • Apply for collector or hobbyist license plates
  • Apply for multiple registration periods (e.g. 2 quarters for quarterly registration)
  • Extend registration for a new plate that is expired or soon to expire
  • Renew registration for an expired plate or plate that is soon to expire

More Information

For information about terms used for title and registration, please visit eMV Public frequently asked questions (FAQs).