Special identification (ID) permits for persons with physical disability

Disabled parking identification​​
Disabled license plate stickers

Disabled Parking Identification (DIS ID) permits are issued to persons who have a physical disability that limits or impairs their ability to walk, as certified by an authorized health care professional. Specific information can be found in s.340.01(43g), Wis. Stats. Special parking privileges are granted as outlined in administrative rule Trans 130 and s.343.51​ Wis. Stats. Motor vehicles displaying the DIS ID permits are authorized to park in stalls reserved for the physically disabled as outlined in s.346.50(2) to (4), s.346.503 and s.346.505, Wis. Stats.

Individuals may be issued two (2) permits, however, persons who have been issued Disabled or Disabled veteran parking license plates may only be issued one (1) permits. DIS ID permits expire on the dates indicated by a month and year sticker affixed to both sides of the permits.

DIS ID permits issued for persons with a temporary disability​ are red and valid for up to six months. They cannot be extended or renewed. If needed, they must be replaced with a new DIS ID permit and require a new certification.

DIS ID permits issued for persons with a permanent disability​ are blue and are valid for four years. They must be renewed and recertified every four years. Only year stickers will be received when renewing DIS ID permits.

DIS ID permits​ issued to organizations are green and are valid for four years. The organization may apply for as many permits as it has vehicles assigned to the organization. This includes vehicles owned by volunteers who transport physically disabled persons on behalf of the requesting organization. Organizations must contact the Special Plate Unit for an application.

Permits may be obtained by sending a completed application along with the required fees to:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Special Plates Unit
P.O. Box 7306
Madison, WI 53707-7306


DIS ID Permits are available at most DMV customer service centers.

There is a $6 fee for permits issued to persons with a temporary disability. There is no fee for issuance, renewal or replacement permits issued to persons with a permanent disability or organizations. A counter service fee of $3 per application is charged when cards are issued at any DMV customer service center.​

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