Rustic Roads - Northeast region

​Click on any of the numerical indicators below for specific information pertaining to a given Rustic Road.

Rustic Road 7Rustic Road 77Rustic Road 9Rustic Road 39Rustic Road 38Rustic Road 40Rustic Road 8Rustic Road 46Rustic Road 53Rustic Road 61Rustic Road 23Rustic Road 57Rustic Road 24Rustic Road 17Rustic Road 47Rustic Road 44Rustic Road 32Rustic Road 74Rustic Road 60Rustic Road 58Rustic Road 59Rustic Road 78Rustic Road 97Rustic Road 53Rustic Road 109Rustic Road 113Rustic Road 119 Rustic Road 118 Rustic Road 34 Northeast region map of rustic roads and counties

  • Brown County:  R8R40 and R46
  • Door County:  R9, R38R39, R77, and R119
  • Florence County:  R74
  • Forest County:  R34 and R118
  • Kewaunee County:  R7
  • Langlade County:  none
  • Lincoln County:  R78
  • Marathon County:  none
  • Marinette County:  R32, R44 and R97
  • Menominee County:  none
  • Oconto County:  R109 and R113
  • Oneida County:  R58 and R59
  • Outagamie County:  R53 and R61
  • Portage County:  R17
  • Shawano County:  R47
  • Waupaca County:  R23R24 and R57
  • Wood County:  none
  • Vilas County:  R60