Research related to bridge service life and durability, non-destructive testing procedures, deck joints, bridge approaches, substructures and overlays.

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​Analytical and Testing Methods for Rating Longitudinal Laminated Timber Slab Bridges
Principal Investigator: Brent Phares, Iowa State University

WisDOT Contact: Alex Pence (

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​Internal Curing of Bridge Decks and Concrete Pavement to Reduce Cracking
Principal Investigator: Jose Pacheco, CTL Group - Materials & Mechanics

WisDOT Contact: Bill Oliva (

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​Textured Epoxy Coated and Galvanized Reinforcement to Reduce Cracking in Concrete Bridge Decks and Components
Principal Investigator: Amir Poursaee, Clemson University

WisDOT Contact: David Kiekbusch (

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​Protocols for Concrete Bridge Deck Protections and Treatments
Principal Investigator: Basak Aldemir Bektas, Iowa State University

WisDOT Contact: Ryan Bowers (

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Completed research

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​Performance and Policy Related to Aluminum Box Culverts and Pipe Culverts in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Strength and Serviceability of Damaged Prestressed Girders

Final report Research brief


​Staged Concrete Bridge Deck & Overlay Pours Adjacent to Live traffic

Final report Research brief


​Design and Performance of Highly Skewed Deck Girder Bridges

Final report Research brief


​Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Bridge Girders

Final report Research brief


​Reflective Cracking between Precast Prestressed Box Girders

Final report Research brief


​Aesthetic Coatings for Concrete Bridge Components

Final report


​Precast/Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Cracking Phase II

Final report Research brief


Evaluation of Performance of Innovative Bridges in Wisconsin

Final report


​​Evaluation of Thin Polymer Deck Overlays and Deck Sealers

Final report Research brief


​Development and Implementation of the Next Generation Bridge Management System for Wisconsin - Phase 1 & 2

Final report phase 1 Final report phase 2


​Aesthetic Coatings for Bridge Components

Final report Research brief ​Supplement



Fatigue Risks in the Connection of Sign Support Structures: Phase II

Final report Research brief


​Rapid Repair and Strengthening of Bridge Substructures

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of the Ontario Empirical Method for Design of Composite Bridge Deck Slab Reinforcement

Final report


​Experimental Use of Type K Cement Concrete in Wisconsin Highway Bridge Decks

Final report


​An Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Deck Overlays and HMA Bridge Deck Overlays with Waterproof Membranes

Final report


​Development of a Bridge Construction Live Load Analysis Guide

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of Constructed, Cast-in-Place (CIP) Piling Properties

Final report part 1 Final report part 2 Research brief


​Bridge Integrated Analysis and Decision Support: Case Histories Phase II

Final report phase 1 Final report phase 2 
Research brief


​Finite Element Analysis of Deep Wide-Flanged Prestressed Girders

Final report Research brief


​Rapid Bridge Construction Technology: Precast Elements for Substructures

Final report Research brief


​Monitoring and Load Distribution Study for the Land Bridge

Final report Research brief


​Exodermic Bridge Deck Performance Evaluation

Final report


​In-Situ Monitoring and Testing of IBRC Bridges in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Concrete Cracking in New Bridge Decks and Overlays

Final report Research brief


​Electronic Automation of LRFD Design Programs

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Methods of Rebar Protection, Spall Prevention and Repair Techniques on Concrete Girders

Final report Research brief


​Analysis of Permit Vehicle Loads in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Friction Coefficients for Stainless Steel (PTFE) Teflon Bearings

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Fiberglass Wrapped Concrete Bridge Columns

Final report Research brief




​A Systematic Process for Using Federal Aid to Support Bridge Preventive Maintenance

Pooled fund website Research report


​Fatigue Risks in the Connection of Sign Support Structures: Phase I

Final report Research brief


​Specification and Design of Fiber Reinforced Bridge Deck Forms for Use on Wide Flange T-Girders

Final report Research brief


​Reducing Shrinkage Cracking of Structural Concrete Through the Use of Admixtures

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Concrete Deck and Crack Sealers

Final report Research brief