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WisDOT provides numerous learning and public involvement opportunities throughout the study.
This webpage provides current information about the study, public involvement meeting (PIM) dates and details and WisDOT study team contact information. WisDOT will also announce public involvement opportunities through a variety of communication channels including social media, news releases and mailings.


The second PIM for the WIS 35 corridor is anticipated to be held in fall 2024.

Past public involvement

The first PIM to introduce the WIS 35 Corridor Study was held on February 20, 2024. The meeting included a recorded presentation, a study handout, and exhibits. Study team members provided information and answered questions about the study.

The PIM comment form, a recorded version of the presentation and copies of the handout and exhibits can be found at the links below:


Stakeholder committees have been formed to provide updates and get feedback as the study progress. The following committees have been formed for the WIS 35 Corridor project:

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC gives the WisDOT team an avenue to share study information and obtain feedback from community leaders and businesses along the corridor. This committee will provide a setting for members to provide feedback about the study's communications approach, design needs, corridor issues, and environmental concerns and needs. The CAC includes large employers, neighborhood associations and business groups who can easily share study information with their employees and members.

Technical Advisory Committee (LOAC)

Local and regional transportation and planning professionals including municipal Department of Public Works and planning and staff, metropolitan planning organization staff and law enforcement comprise the TAC. This committee will provide technical input on study aspects including needs, alternatives development and screening and any information specific to the jurisdictions the members represent.

Local Official Advisory Committee (LOAC)

Local and elected officials from the state, counties, cities, villages, other municipalities, and government agencies within the corridor will make up the LOAC. This committee will provide an opportunity for local leadership input on the study aspects, including the need for the study, alternatives development, and environmental impacts and benefits. The committee also provides valuable information about the study that local officials can share with their constituents and stakeholders.

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WisDOT will announce public involvement opportunities and study updates through a variety of communication channels including social media, news releases, and mailings. You can also subscribe here to receive study updates.

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Provide comments

WisDOT welcomes comments and suggestions related to the WIS 35 study.

  • Share comments at the public involvement and other stakeholder meetings
  • Send comments via email to staff - contact information is listed below

Thank you for your interest in and assistance in this important study.

Contact information

Michelle Howe, P.E.
WisDOT Project Manager
(608) 246-7967​

Michael Bie
WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager
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