Rigid pavements

​​Research to advance and promote effective materials, design, construction and maintenance for concrete pavements. Investigates Portland Cement Concrete, aggregates, base courses, drainage, implementation of MEPDG and more.

Please visit the Wisconsin Digital Archives or contact staff at research@dot.wi.gov for research published before FFY 2014.

Research in progress

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​Timely and Uniform Application of Curing Materials
Principal Investigator: John Kevern, University of Missouri - Kansas City

WisDOT Contact: Mark Finnell (mark.finnell@dot.wi.gov​)

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​Field Investigation of Dowel and Tie Bar Placement
Principal Investigator: Shreenath Rao, Applied Research Associates, Inc.

WisDOT Contact: Leslie Ashauer (leslie.ashauer@dot.wi.gov)

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​Evaluating the Impact of Anti-Icing Solutions on Concrete Durability
Principal Investigator: Danny Xiao, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

WisDOT Contact: Myungook Kang (myungook.kang@dot.wi.gov)

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​Evaluation of Current WI Mixes Using Performance Engineered Mixture (PEM) Testing Protocols
Principal Investigator: Signe Reichelt, Behnke Materials Engineering, L.L.C.

WisDOT Contact: Myungook Kang (myungook.kang@dot.wi.gov)

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Completed research

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​Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Buckling in Wisconsin
Final ReportResearch Brief

​Evaluation of Roadway Concrete Barriers and Materials

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Penetrating Sealers Applied to Saw Cut Faces in Concrete Pavement Joints

Final report Research brief


​Non-Cementitious Repair Materials

Final reportResearch brief


​Comparison of Fresh Concrete Air Content Test Methods & Analysis of Hardened Air Content in Wisconsin Pavements

Final reportResearch brief


​Joint Sawing Practices and Effects on Durability

Final reportSupplemental report Research brief


​Evaluation of the Effects of Deicers on Concrete Durability

Final reportresearch Brief


​Better Concrete Mixes for Rapid Repair in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Class F Fly Ash Assessment for Use in Concrete Pavement

Final report


​Laboratory Study of Optimized Concrete Pavement Mixtures

Final report Research brief



Laboratory Study of High Performance Curing Compounds for Concrete Pavements

Final report Research brief


​Performance and Design of Bridge Approach Panels in Wisconsin

Final reportResearch brief


​Laboratory Study for Comparison of Class C Versus Class F Fly Ash for Concrete Pavement

Final report Research brief