Manufacturer license

You will need these dealer license application forms:

• Two-Year License Application MV2034
• Manufacturer/Importer/Distributor Certification of Dealer MV2131
• Manufacturer's Certification of Distributor MV2241
• Salesperson/Representative License Application MV2184

Manufacturer, distributor or importer license

Manufacturer license plate
Manufacturer license plate

The motor vehicle manufacturer, distributor or importer license allows a business to manufacture or assemble motor vehicles or do any other work on motor vehicles which constitutes a major manufacturing alteration. A major manufacturing alteration includes installing special bodies or equipment on previously assembled truck chassis, when the special body or equipment forms an integral part of the completed unit and the completed unit is owned by the manufacturer. The license also allows a person to operate as a distributor who sells new motor vehicles to dealers on behalf of manufacturers. Finally, it allows a business to import new motor vehicles to the US. Any manufacturer, distributor or importer employee who contacts dealers or prospective Wisconsin dealers for promotion or supervision purposes must be licensed as a representative license.

To operate as a manufacturer, you must provide the following:

  1. A copy of your manufacturer/dealer selling agreement.
  2. A sample photocopy of the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin for each vehicle make manufactured.
  3. A copy of vehicle delivery and preparation obligations of dealers.
  4. Pictorial brochures (if any).
  5. A copy of Certification of Dealer forms for each retail dealer the manufacturer wishes to appoint in Wisconsin.
  6. Fees paid to Registration Fee Trust for a two-year licenses: $40 for manufacturer, distributor or importer license, $8 for each representative license, and if eligible for manufacturer plates, $150 for the first two plates, and $10 for each additional plate. Only manufacturers located in Wisconsin are eligible for Wisconsin manufacturer plates. Plates may be used for operating unloaded vehicles on Wisconsin highways during trial tests or in transit. Loaded tractors, trucks or trailers weighing over 8,000 pounds gross, which are owned by the manufacturer or distributor, must display special demonstrator plates for trial purposes.

To operate as a distributor, distributor branch or importer, you must provide the following:

  • Items 1-7 above.
  • A Manufacturer’s or Importer’s Certificate of Distributor (WisDOT form MV2241) completed and signed by an authorized representative of the manufacturer. The MV2241 form is available by contacting the WisDOT Dealer & Agent Section at the address, phone or email address below.

For more information:

Apply by mail

Because the application forms require signatures of authorities and witnesses, they cannot be submitted online.  Mail all completed applications to the following address:

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Dealer & Agent Section
P.O. Box 7909
Madison, WI 53707-7909

For more information or to request that application materials be mailed to you: