Salvage buyer identification (BID) card

If you are a licensed dealer, wholesaler or salvage dealer or their employee, you may apply for a Salvage Buyer Identification (BID) card to bid on vehicles at motor vehicle salvage pools (auctions that sell salvage vehicles only).


  • BID card users can only buy vehicles on behalf of their employer. BID card users cannot buy vehicles for personal use
  • If representing multiple employers, buyer must have a separate BID card application signed by each employer. Employees of licensed out-of-state dealers, wholesalers, and salvage dealers may also qualify for a Wisconsin BID card
  • BID card holders must be at least 18 years old

Note: Upon receipt of your application, the Department will perform a background check. Your license application may be denied if you have been convicted of certain types of crimes. Learn more about license denials and your rights if you have been denied.

Steps to apply for a new, renewal, or replacement BID card:

  • Complete, print and sign the Salvage Buyer Identification (BID) Card Application form MV2651. See the application instructions on the form MV2651 for more information
  • Have your employing dealer, wholesaler or salvage dealer sign the form
  • If you will be bidding on vehicles for more than one employer, you must submit a separate, signed application for each employer. If the employer is an out-of-state business, include a photocopy of the dealer, wholesaler or salvage dealer license, or your state’s equivalent. If the license is not in English, attach an English translation.

Note: No faxes, emails or photocopies will be sent in lieu of the actual license. Bid cards will be mailed to the address listed on the dealer’s license that was submitted with the application.


BID cards expire on the same date as the employer’s dealer license. For out-of-state card holders, your Wisconsin credential expires on the same date as your home state dealer license or 12 months from the date we receive the application, whichever is sooner.


  • Out-of-state BID card is $6
  • In-state BID card expiring in less than a year is $6
  • In-state BID card expiring in more than a year is $12

Veterans may qualify for a fee waiver for an initial license. Details

Apply by mail only - mail all original signed application forms to the following address:

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Dealer and Agent Section
PO Box 7909
Madison, WI 53707-7909