International buyer's license/BID card

Employees of international wholesaler or retail motor vehicle dealers are allowed to bid on and purchase vehicles at Wisconsin wholesale motor vehicle auctions or dealerships. Licensed buyers can only buy vehicles on behalf of their employer(s), not for their own or other’s use.


  • Must be an employee of a licensed dealer or wholesaler
  • Employees buying for more than one employer must have a separate buyer’s license for each employer and an application signed by each employer
  • At least 18 years old

Steps to apply for a new, renewal or replacement buyer’s license:

  1. Complete and submit the original signed required application(s)
    a. MV2651 - Salvage Buyer Identification Card (BID Card) Application
    b. MV2941 - Buyer’s License Application
  2. Provide the following documents with your application:
    a. An original government-issued certificate or license, no photocopies.
    If the license is not in English, also attach a translation by a reputable professional translation company that is authorized to notarize the validity of the translation. 
    b. For Buyer's License applications, a copy of the applicant's government-issued photo ID.
    c. Signed and initialed Buyer’s License / Salvage BID Card Usage Agreement.
  3. Money Order or Certified Check for application fees made payable to “Registration Fee Trust”:
    a. MV2651 – Salvage Buyer Identification Card Application (BID Card) - $6.00
    b. MV2941 – Buyer’s License Application - $6.00  
  4. Apply by mail only - mail all original signed application forms to the following address
    Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
    Dealer and Agent Section
    PO Box 7909
    Madison, WI 53707-7909

Note: No faxes, emails or photocopies will be sent in lieu of the actual license. Buyer’s licenses ​and/or salvage buyer’s identification card will be mailed to the address listed on the dealer’s license that was submitted with the application.

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