Representative license

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Anyone who sells vehicles to licensed dealers on behalf of a licensed motor vehicle manufacturer or motor vehicle distributor must have a motor vehicle representative license. Representatives may sell vehicles for more than one business at a time. There is no exam for the representative license.

No exam is required

There is no exam for the motor vehicle representative license. Representatives must be at least 18 years old, and cannot have been convicted of a crime directly related to the sale of motor vehicles. You do not need to have a valid drivers license to get a representative license. However, your employer might require it.

How to apply

If you have never held a Wisconsin representative license, or your previous license has expired, you may apply for a new representative license by doing the following:

  • Complete and print the Salesperson/Representative License Application form MV2184.
  • Have your new employer complete and sign the bottom section of the form.
  • Mail your completed signed application and fee to Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) Dealer & Agent Section at the address below.

Apply by mail only - mail all original signed application forms to the following address:

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Dealer and Agent Section
PO Box 7909
Madison WI 53707-7909

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