Representative license

Are you​ a veteran? You may qualify for a fee waiver for an initial license.

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Anyone who sells vehicles to licensed dealers on behalf of a licensed motor vehicle manufacturer or motor vehicle distributor must have a motor vehicle representative license. Representatives may sell vehicles for more than one business at a time. There is no exam for the representative license​.

No exam is req​​uired

There is no exam for the motor vehi​cle representative license. Representatives must be at least 18 years old, and cannot have been convicted of a crime directly related to the sale of motor vehicles. You do not need to have a valid drivers license to get a representative license. However, your employer might require it.

How to app​ly

If you have never held a Wisconsin representative license, or your previous license has expired, you may apply for a new representative license by doing the following:

  • Complete and print the Salesperson/Representative License Application form MV2184.
  • Have your new employer complete and sign the bottom section of the form.
  • Mail your completed signed application and fee to Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) Dealer & Agent Section at the address below.

Apply by mail only - mail all original signed app​lication forms to the following address:

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Dealer and Agent Section
PO Box 7909
Madison WI 53707-7909

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