Wholesale auction dealer license

An auction company may need one of several motor vehicle business licenses based on who owns the vehicles it sells and who buys them.

The motor vehicle wholesale auction dealer license allows a business to conduct wholesale auctions in which vehicles owned by licensed dealers are sold to other licensed dealers.

If your business will be a motor vehicle salvage pool, which auctions off salvage vehicles to licensed dealers, you will need a Wholesale dealer license instead of the wholesale auction dealer license.

If your business will hold auctions in which you sell vehicles owned by someone other than licensed dealers, or in which you auction off vehicles to the general public, you may need a retail motor vehicle dealer license. For more information on retail auction activities and license requirements, see Auction license requirements.

To qualify you must provide:

  • An established place of business that complies with all local zoning and permit regulations.
  • A $25,000 surety bond. For a list of insurance companies accepting applications for bonds, see Insurance companies that accept applications for bonds.
  • A lease for the business real estate unless the license applicant owns it.
  • Fees of $100 paid to Registration Fee Trust for a two-year wholesale auction dealer license.

For more information:

You can apply by mail

Because the application forms require signatures of authorities and witnesses, they cannot be submitted online.  Mail all completed applications to the following address:

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Dealer & Agent Section
P.O. Box 7909
Madison, WI 53707-7909

If you have questions or to request application materials for the motor vehicle wholesale auction license: