Apparent airport low bidders

​Apparent airport low bidders list

Note: The following apparent low bid information is preliminary and is subject to change. 

Apparent low bid ranking is based upon the grand total of base bid plus all alternate bids. All bids are analyzed and checked for irregularities and responsiveness that may result in bids being rejected. ​The combination of alternates selected to be awarded within individual projects may also change the final determination of the low bidder ultimately awarded the contract. Final official contact award results are posted in the Bid Tabulations and Award page

​Bid date​Airport​Project ID and description
​June 10, 2021​Stevens Point Municipal AirportSTE1002 - Rehabilitation of runway 3/21
​August 19, 2021​Sheboygan County Memorial AirportAIP29 - Procure snow removal equipment and associated attachments.
October 21, 2021​​Chippewa Valley Regional Airport​EAU1013 - Complete construction of ARFF apparatus bays and associated civil site work and utilities
October 21, 2021​​Hartford Municipal Airport​​HXF1004 - Add jet A fueling
October 21, 2021​La Crosse Regional AirportSAP86 - Two tow-behind brooms
December 16, 2021​Hartford Municipal AirportHXF1004 - Add Jet-A Fueling