Bid tabulations and awards

Bid tabulations are held confidential and are not published until an award has been made. If all bids are rejected, no bid tabulation will be published. In addition, individual bids that were determined to be irregular, unit prices for those rejected bids will also not be provided.

2020 airport award information/bid results

#Airport nameProjectDescriptionAward dateAward amountContractor
1Various airport facilitiesLNL1004/AHH1002Statewide snow removal equipmentJanuary 7, 2020$583,297.00Fabick Cat
2Capitol Airport02C1002Tree clearingJanuary 9, 2020Bids RejectedAll bids rejected
​3Chippewa Valley Regional Airport​EAU1009​4x4 industrial tractor​January 31, 2020​$98,120.00​Swiderski Equipment
​4Wausau Downtown Airport​AUW1001​Jet A fuel replacement​February 24, 2020​$312,225.00​Walt's Petroleum
5​Various airport facilities​BOA20000​Statewide crack seal program​March 31, 2020​$813,993.79​Struck & Irwin Paving
6Central Wisconsin Airport​CWA1012​Hangar area development​April 21, 2020​$487,853.61​McCabe Construction
7Burlington Municipal Airport​BUU1001​Rehab taxilanes A, B, C, D, F, G & H​April 27, 2020$1,030,143.00​Payne & Dolan
​8Green Bay-Austin Straubel International​GRB1005​Rehab service roads B & D​May 3, 2020​$589,217.74​Vinton Construction
9Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport​RHI1005​Fuel system upgrade​May 5, 2020​$620,598.07​Northwest Petroleum Service
10Wittman Regional Airport​OSH1005​Construct new terminal building and parking lot​May 13, 2020$4,923,072.68​Cardinal Construction Co.
11Rice Lake Regional Airport​RPD1002​Sanitary sewer & water upgrade​May 18, 2020​$378,456.00​A-1 Excavating
12Richland Airport​93C1000​Construct new terminal building​May 29, 2020​$864,172​Friede Associates
13Manitowoc County Airport​MTW1002​Replace taxiway B electrical lighting​May 29, 2020​$214,383.35​Electrical Synergies
14Hartford Municipal Airport​HFX1002​Reconstruct apron​June 9, 2020​$780,856.12​James Peterson Sons, Inc.
15Kings Land O' Lakes​LNL1003​Rehabilitation runway 14/32​June 17, 2020$1,666,347.70​Pitlick & Wick, Inc.
16Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport​RHI1004C2​Airfield pavement marking​June 17, 2020​$136,211.40​Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC
17Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport​RHI1004C3​Reconstruct GA apron​June 18, 2020$1,294,276.00​Pitlick & Wick, Inc.
​18​L.O. Simenstad Municipal Airport​OEO0998/AIP-07​Upgrade jet fuel system​August 10, 2020​$424,095.00​Minnesota Petroleum
​19​La Crosse Regional Airport​LSE1012​Building demolition​August 13, 2020​$33,450.00​Gerke Excavating, Inc.
​20Adams County Airport​63C1002​Reconstruct Apron (north) & Taxiway A​August 14, 2020​$312,259.00​R&R Wash Materials
​21Wausau Downtown Airport​AUW0998​ASOS relocation​August 17, 2020​$53,500.00​Van Ert Electrical
​22Chippewa Valley Regional Airport​EAU1010​Airport pavement marking​August 19, 2020​$24,878.00​Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC
​23La Crosse Regional Airport​LSE1013​Acquire Snow Removal Equipment​August 26, 2020​$248,287.00​Yes Equipment & Services
​24Middleton Municipal Airport​C291002​Acquire Snow Removal Equipment​August 28, 2020​$178,200.00​Fabick Cat
​25Central Wisconsin Airport​CWA1011​Reconstruct runway 17/35​September 14, 2020$13,916,415.88​Trieweiler Construction & Supply Company
​26Marshfield Municipal Airport​MFI1003​Airport pavement maintenance​September 28, 2020​$171,351.50​Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC
​27Dane County Regional Airport​MSN1009​West ramp rehabilitation​September 28, 2020​$3,338,344.13​Trierweiler Construction
​28Shawano Municipal Airport​EZS1001​Runway 12/30 rehabilitation​October 7, 2020​$1,750,463.75​Northeast Asphalt
​29Capitol Drive Airport​02C1001​Aviation fuel system card reader upgrade​October 7, 2020​$145,182.00​METCO
​30West Bend Municipal Airport​ETB1003​Apron & taxilane reconstruction​October 13, 2020​$2,681,907.80​Vinton Construction

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