Bid tabulations and awards

Bid tabulations are held confidential and are not published until an award has been made. If all bids are rejected, no bid tabulation will be published. In addition, individual bids that were determined to be irregular, unit prices for those rejected bids will also not be provided.​ Unit prices for any alternate bids not awarded will not be provided.

2021 airport award information/bid results

​#​Airport name​Project​Description​Award date​Award amount​Contractor

​Dane County Regional Airport

All bids rejected

MSN1008 contract #3​Terminal building south expansion​February 16, 2021$46,680,775.00​Miron Construction
​2Multiple airport facilities​BOA20001​2021 Statewide crack seal program​March 30, 2021​$629,643.05​Fahrner Asphalt Services

Past airport award information/bid results