Bid tabulations and awards

​2018 airport award information/bid results

Bid tabulations are held confidential and are not published until an award has been made. If all bids are rejected, no bid tabulation will be published. In addition, individual bids that were determined to be irregular, unit prices for those rejected bids will also not be provided.  

#Airport nameProjectDescriptionAward dateAward amountContractor
1Waukesha County Airport - Crites Field​AIP-28​Terminal ramp expansion​January 16, 2018​$2,033,779.81​Zignego Company, Inc.
2Menomonie Municipal Airport​AIP-14​North & East hangar area improvements​January 19, 2018​$684,669.00​McCabe Construction
3​Various facilitiesVarious​Federal Statewide Sealcoat Program​April 2, 2018​$265,951.35​Struck & Irwin
​4Rhinelander-Oneida County AirportRHI1002​​Airfield pavement marking​​May 25, 2018​​$89,967.66​​Crowley Construction
​5Cumberland Municipal AirportUBE1002​Upgrade Fuel System​June 4, 2018​$109,675.00​METCO
​6​King's Land O'Lakes​AIP-12​Acquire SRE vehicle​June 11, 2018​N/A​Bids rejected
​7​Richard I. Bong Memorial Airport​AIP-11​Acquire SRE vehicle​June 11, 2018​N/A​Bids rejected
​8Austin Straubel International Airport​GRB1004​Expand east GA apron​June 25, 2018$1,215,438.62​Vinton Construction
​9La Crosse Regional Airport​SAP-79​Acquire snow removal equipment​June 25, 2018​$705,136.93​MB Companies
​10Dane County Regional AirportMSN1006​Pavement joint seal ^ microsurface​July 2, 2018$1,098,830.00​Interstate Sealant & Concrete
​11Wautoma Municipal AirportY501000​Terminal apron reconstruction​July 2, 2018​$442,656.30​Vinton Construction
​12Burlington Municipal Airport​AIP-06​Replace & install new PAPI​July 24, 2018​$124,500​Habermehl Electric
​13Hartford Municipal Airport​HXF1000​Construct new runway 9/27 & taxiways​August 9, 2018$3,285,070.51​James Peterson Sons


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