Airport pre-qualification and approval to bid individual projects


  1. Carefully re​view each airport bid advertisement to determine the correct prequalification statement submittal requirement for the specific project you are intending to bid. Submission of the proper form prior to the deadline established in the advertisement is critical. There are three (3) distinctly different types of prequalification's that may be designated for an airport project.
    • DOT Bureau of Project Development (AKA: DOT Highways prequalification): This is the primary method used to establish prequalification for airport work. Bureau of Project Development pre-qualification information.
    • DOT Bureau of Aeronautics (AKA: BOA short form): This prequalification is used for all building/architectural projects, small grading/paving civil projects, air navigational aid projects and airfield lighting or other specialty projects. When this form is appropriate, the form is included into the project specifications/bid proposal for your use. Download prequalification form
    • DOT Bureau of Aeronautics Aviation fueling system prequalification and experience form. This prequalification is used for all fueling installation projects. This form will be included in all fuel system project specifications/bid proposal for your use. Download aviation fueling system prequalification and experience form.
  2. ​The appropriate prequalification form MUST be received prior to the deadline date as stated in the bid advertisement. For Aeronautics “Short Form” prequalification’s, a fax copy (608) 267-6748 will be accepted ONLY to establish compliance with the ​time and date deadline. The time & date stamp on the fax will provide this evidence. However, an original signed and notarized prequalification statement is required in order to complete the processing. No approval will be issued until receipt of the original prequalification statement is received.
  3. ​Written response of the prequalification determination will be provided by the department listing the result of the determination and the expiration date of the prequalification.

Acceptance of bid

  1. In order to be assured your bid will be accepted and opened for a specific project; the bidder must mail or fax (608) 267-6748 the request to bid/current workload form​ to the DOT Bureau of Aeronautics. This form should be completed & submitted as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours prior to the bid. Once this form is approved by the Bureau, written notification will be provided to the contractor and the firm's name will be added to the anticipated bidders list.
  2. The workload form is to be submitted for EACH project intended to be bid. No bid will be accepted or opened from a firm without first being properly prequalified as stated above. In addition, a contract will not be awarded until the workload information is provided and approved.
  3. Bids will be accepted at the place and time stated in the contract documents. Bids received after the stated time will be returned unopened. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For questions regarding pre-qualifications requirements contact Matthew Malicki,, (608) 267-5273.​

All qualification information will be considered confidential.