Research to investigate geosynthetics, granular materials, aggregates, backfill materials, pile setup, soil compaction and retaining walls.

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​Quality Testing of Wisconsin Aggregates
Principal Investigator: Hani Titi, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

WisDOT Contact: Erik Lyngdal (

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​Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Backfill Water Infiltration
Principal Investigator: William Likos, University of Wisconsin - Madison

WisDOT Contact: Jeff Horsfall (

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​Comparison of ASTM Standards for the Evaluation of Geogrid Strength
Principal Investigators: Rani Elhajjar, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

WisDOT Contact: Andrew Zimmer (

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​Monitoring of Lateral Earth Pressure and Movements of Cut Retaining Walls
Principal Investigator: Allen Marr, Geocomp Corporation

WisDOT Contact: Andrew Zimmer (

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​Evaluation of Recycled Base Aggregates

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of H-Pile Corrosion Rates for WI Bridges Located in Aggressive Subsurface Environments

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of the Long-Term Degradation and Strength Characteristics of In-situ Wisconsin Virgin Base Aggregates under HMA Pavements

Final reportResearch brief


​Thermal Integrity Profiling for Detecting Flaws in Drilled Shafts

Final reportResearch brief


​​Correlation of ASTM D4833 and D6241 Geotextile Puncture Test Methods and Results for Use on Wisconsin Department of Transportation Projects

Final reportResearch brief


​Predicting Scour of Bedrock in Wisconsin

Final reportResearch Brief


​Static Pile Load Tests on Driven Piles into Intermediate Geo-Materials

Final reportResearch brief


​Understanding and Complying with Storm Water Mitigation Guidelines from the EPA

Final report Research brief



Evaluation of the Foundation Movements of Transportation Structures

Final report



​Analysis of Trends/Correlations of Historical WisDOT Soil Lab Test Results Through Development of an Electronic Database

Final report



​Permeability Performance and Lateral Load for Granular Backfill behind Abutments

Final report Research brief



​Effective Depth of Soil Compaction in Relation to Applied Compactive Energy

Final report ​​Research brief



​Performance of Pile Supported Sign Structures

Final report Research brief


​Lateral Deflection Contribution to Settlement Estimates

Final report Research brief


​Evaluating the Methodology and Performance of Jetting and Flooding Granular Backfill Systems

Final report Research brief


​Comparison of LRFD and LFD Cast-In-Place Pile Design and Construction Methods

Final report Research brief


​Investigation of Testing Methods to Determine Long Term Aggregate Durability of Various Types of Wisconsin Aggregate Sources

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Constructed, Cast-in-Place (CIP) Piling Properties

Final report part 1Final report part 2 Research brief


​Cone Penetrometer Comparison Testing

Final report Research brief


​Construction Vibration Attenuation with Distance and its Effect on the Quality of Early-Age Concrete

Final report Research brief


​Determination of Resilient Modulus Values for Typical Plastic Soils in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Development of Full Scale Testing of an Alternate Foundation System for Post and Panel Retaining Walls

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Densification of Roadway Subgrades and Structural Layers

Final report Research brief


​Monitoring and Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilized Subgrade Constructed by Wisconsin DOT

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Ecocycle Netting for Erosion Control Applications

Final report


​Comparison of Three Different Methods for Determining Pile Bearing Capacities

Final report Research brief


​Development of Testing Methods to Determine Interaction of Geogrid-Reinforced Granular Material for Mechanistic Pavement Analysis

Final report Research brief


​Comparison of Basic Lab Test Results with More Sophisticated Lab and In-Situ Test Methods on Soils in Southeastern Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Bridge Approach Settlement Mitigation Methods

Final report Research brief


​Determination of Shear Strength Values for Granular Backfill Materials Used by Wisconsin DOT

Final report Research brief


​Investigation of Vertical Members to Resist Surficial Slope Instabilities

Final report Research brief


​Determination of Typical Resilient Modulus Values for Selected Soils in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Investigation of Testing Methods to Determine Long-Term Durability of Wisconsin Aggregate Resources Including Natural Materials, Industrial Byproducts, and Recycled/Reclaimed Materials

Final report Research brief


​Development of Methodology to Include Strength Contribution of Select Subgrade Materials in Pavement Structures

Final report Research brief


​Effectiveness of Geosynthetics in Stabilizing Soft Subgrades

Final report Research brief


​Equivalency of Subgrade Reinforcement Methods

Final report Research brief


​Field Performance of Subbases Constructed with Industrial Byproducts

Final report Research brief


​Investigation of the DCP and SSG as Alternative Methods to Determine Subgrade Stability

Final report Research brief