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The official version of these documents are generated by the WisDOT READS system, except paper only documents.

WisDOT eminent domain real estate forms and templates

REPM forms page 

This page is part of the Real Estate Program Manual (REPM). It is the official site to view all current approved WisDOT eminent domain real estate specific forms, READS templates and related documents. Forms are listed by category, then alphabetical by title. Any form referred to as a "READS template" is listed here in name only. This type of form must be generated directly from READS. Contact Camille Wilcox at (608) 261-8618 with questions regarding READS.

Note: If acquiring ROW for a Local Program or a connecting highway project, forms must be generated from READS. "Paper only" forms for these projects are found on the Local Program Real Estate Forms page. All deleted/obsolete forms are listed at bottom; users are reminded to stop using any reproductions of those forms immediately.

To quickly find any word or phrase, search page by pressing "ctrl + f." RE forms list is organized by category, then by title in alpha order (also see required DOA publications/brochures category and obsolete/deleted category).

Category: Appraisal

Category: Offer / negotiation / acquisition

Category: Project related & misc, - includes: litigation

Category: Property management / surplus lands

Category: Relocation forms/templates

Category: Relocation informational handouts

Category: Bike/ Pedestrian Forms and Letters

Category: Signs (Outdoor Advertising)

AllChapter 10 - Outdoor Advertising Signs (paper only):

  • Appendix A: Flowchart for Acquiring or Relocating Off-Premise Signs. Note: Chart is best viewed when printed using 11x17 paper; and, can be resized down to 11x15 (legal size paper)
  • Appendix B: Sample (5r) letter; Notice of Proposed Realignment of Sign
  • Appendix C: Definitions specific or pertinent to REPM/Chapter 10
  • Appendix D: Sign Inventory Maintenance Notification (RE2242)
  • Appendix E: Worksheet for determining ratio of outdoor advertising sign repair costs to replacement costs (RE2240)

Category: Wisconsin required DOA publications/brochures

Category: Obsolete/deleted (users must destroy and stop using any remaining copies)

  • Acquisition Services Contract Supplement (DT1893)
  • Appraisal Objective Review (RE1000 - READS template)
  • Appraisal Objective Review - Surplus Lands (RE1048 - READS template)
  • Appraisal Problem Analysis (RE1004 - paper only)
  • Available Comparable Housing (DT1898)
  • Consultant Performance Evaluation - Appraiser (RE2127 - paper only)
  • Consultant Performance Evaluation - Full Service/General (RE1023 - paper only)
  • Contract for Asbestos and Hazardous Contaminants Investigation (DT2057)
  • Contract for Consultant and Valuation Services (1965)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey - Appraisal Acquisition (RE1020 - READS template)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey - Nominal Acquisition (RE1021 - READS template)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey - Relocation (RE1022 - READS template)
  • Excess Land Sale Approval (DT2206), see 'Surplus' Land Sale Approval (RE2206)
  • Literature and Archival Search Report, not an "RE" form, see Cultural Resources Review (DT1320)
  • Property Management Diary (DT and RE1025), see Land Inventory Diary (RE1047)
  • Relo. Payment Estimated Bus. & Farm (DT1973), see Acquisition Stage Relo. Plan (RE2238)
  • Relo. Payments Summary - All (DT1679), see Acquisition Stage Relocation Plan (RE2238)
  • Replacement Business/Farm Sites (DT2271), see Acquisition Stage Relocation Plan (RE2238)
  • Res. Inventory, Correla. & Payment Sum. (DT1720), see Acquisition Stage Relo. Plan (RE2238)
  • Right of Way Detailed Statement of Expenditures (DT1959), see LPA1959
  • Surplus Land Section Response (DT2206), see Surplus Land Sale Approval (RE2206)
  • Residential Rental Agreement (RE1027 - READS template)

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State of Wisconsin Admin Code requires that WisDOT have a forms management policy. As such, WisDOT Real Estate/Central Bureau Office is the current delegated point of contact for any forms listed as being available in a "paper only" format. Drew Kottke or Camille Wilcox (consultant) are delegated points of contact for any forms listed as having a "READS template." This means that whenever new forms or updates are needed to a "paper only" format, WisDOT Real Estate/Central Bureau Office will be your main point of contact for design, review and edits prior to being put into circulation and authorized for approved use. For any "READS templates," Camille Wilcox (608) 261-8618 will be your contact for design, review and edits prior to being put into READS as a template and authorized for approved use. Copies of all current approved WisDOT Real Estate "paper only" as well as read only PDF version "READS templates" will be posted to the REPM/Forms page for reference and/or for use as appropriate. Only those forms currently posted and listed as being in a "paper only" format may be downloaded for direct use and completed directly from the REPM/Forms page; any form listed as being viewable as a PDF "READS template" format must be generated directly from READS as part of each appropriate project activity. Forms or any version of a form not otherwise posted here are not authorized for use except by special permission.