Computer inquiry codes

​Registration Type​ ​Plate Type Abbreviation Wi​sDO​​​​T/TIME Inquiry Code
Automobile and Special
Amateur radio AMA AR
Antique ANT AQ
Antique motorcycle ​AMC ​AQ
Automobile ​AUT ​PC
Celebrate Children  ​KID ​CV
​Choose Life Wisconsin
Civil Air Patrol ​CVG ​CV
Collector ​COL ​CL
Collector motorcycle ​CMC ​CL
Collector special ​CLS ​CS
Cure childhood cancer​CCC​CV
Disabled​ ​DIS ​DX
​Disabl​ed veteran ​VET ​DV
Donate Life ​LIF ​CV
Ducks unlimited ​DUK ​CV
Emergency Medical Services ​CVG/EMT ​CV
Endangered resources ​END/ENN CV​
Ex-prisoner of war ​XPW XP​
Firefighter ​FFO/FRF CV​
Gold Star Family ​GST CV​
Golf Wisconsin ​GLF CV​
Green Bay Packers ​PAK ​CV
Harley-Davidson/Share the road ​HAR ​CV
Historic military vehicle ​HMM/HMV ​ML 
Hobbyist​ ​HOB ​PE
Hobbyist motorcycle ​HMC ​PE
​Human ​services vehicle​​​ ​HSV ​PC
​In God We Trust​IGT ​​CV
​Law Enforcement Memorial​​LEM​​CV​
Lions Foundation ​LCF ​CV
Low-speed vehicle ​LSV ​SD
Marquette University ​MRQ ​CV
Medal of honor ​MDH ​CM
Military group ​MLG ​ML
Milwaukee Brewers ​MBN/MBO ​CV
Milwaukee BucksMBK​CV
Multi-group (Lao veterans of American, Freemason) ​MGP ​CV
Nurses change lives​NUR​CV
​Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation​ELK​CV
​Scouting alumni​BSA​CV
Special designed vehicle ​CYC ​SD
​Trout Unlimited​TRT​CV
University of Wisconsin higher education ​HEG/HEM ​HE
Veteran motorcycle ​VMC ​MC
​Whitetails Unlimited​WHT​CV
Wisconsin National Guard ​WNG ​NG
Wisconsin salutes veterans ​SPT ​CV
Wisconsin ​Women's Health Foundation ​WHF ​CV
​Apportioned bus ​APO ​AP
​Bus (motor bus and urban mass transportation) ​BUS ​BU
School bus ​BUS ​BU
​Dealer, demonstrator, distributor, finance company, manufacturer, transporter, mobile home dealer, and transferable trailer ​For inquiries on dealer plate registrations, law enforcement may call the WisDOT DMV Dealers Section, (608) 266-1425 Monday through Friday. ​DL
Mobile home (see recreational vehicle trailer) ​RVT ​TL
Moped​ ​MPD MP​
Motor home MTM​ ​ZZ
Motorcycle ​CYC ​MC
Motorcycle disabled DMC​ MC​
Motorcycle driver education DVC​ ​SV
Recreational vehicle trailer ​RVT ​TL 
Special "X" ​SPX SP​
Temporary​If information is not accessible, contact DMV through official DOJ channels. ​IT
Municipal and state ​ ​
Municipal motorcycle ​MNC ​MU
Municipal general ​MUN ​MU
Official (Star) ​OFF ​MU
​State owned vehicle SOV​ ​ST
Wisconsin State Patrol ​WSP ​LF
Wisconsin State Patrol motorcycle ​WSC LF​
​Tribal - Only Oneida tribal registration and vehicle information is available on the WisDOT database. Contact the individual tribe for all others.
​Bad River Band BRV  TB
Lac Courte Oreilles ​​LCO ​​TB
Lac du Flambeau ​LDF ​TB   
Menominee ​MEN TB​
Oneida ​ONI ​TB
Red Cliff RCF​ ​TB​
​Tractors, trailers, trucks and apportioned
Apportioned power unit ​APO ​AP
Apportioned trailer & semi-trailer​​​​​​ APT​ ​AP
​Special "Z" SPZ​ ​SP
​Tractor TOR​ TR​
Trailer (farm) ​FTL ​TL
Trailer (heavy) TRL​ ​TL
​Trailer (light) ​ITL ​TL
Trailer (semi) STL​ ​TL
Truck (farm/heavy) ​HRM ​FM
​Truck (farm/light) FRM​ ​FM
Truck (heavy) ​HTK ​TK
​Truck (light) ​LTK ​TK​​​​

Email Wisconsin DMV email service